Tuesday, July 12, 2011

for the animal in all of us

ok so my cousin asked me to do a tutorial on youtube but that is more than i feel like doing so a quick picture tutorial will work! i am going to show you how to do an amazing leopard print that can be done in any color! ill be using my hand instead of my face........mainly because i just got out of the shower and im not one for the tradition look but there will be pictures of how it looks on the eye

ok so the first step to the perfect leopard spot is to prep you make up how ever you want, i usually do the spots last as accents around the eyes\
*this is my hand there are many like it but this one is mine...........it is very plain if there was an eye here it would look much better i promise and wow my camera sucks! i need to get a better one.........or better lighting but you'll get the general idea*

ok so i start off by applying the base color for said, it can be any color you want if i dont have a liquid eyeliner (which i find to work amazingly) i will use either a wet smudge brush and an eyeshadow of my choosing. just make little circles of different sizes i usually make about 5 on each eye they do NOT have to be perfect and work better if they arent!

you cant tell very well but this is just a generic turquoise by HARD CANDY its cheap and works great as a base

so after i finish apply my basic spots i outline it with a black liquid liner. i never use the same amount of lines around the spot. it is also not a perfect line ill use little dots mixed with a long stroke or how ever you want as long as it looks a long the lines of a leopard spot 

*i used almays liquid eyeliner in black*

now if you used a wet shadow instead of an eyeliner you can skip this step but you'll need a smudge brush like this one it is a small shadow brush perfect for a smokey eye or little detailing 
*this is a sonia kashuk*

ok so take a little shadow that matches the eyeline it doesnt have to be exact and just press a little on the color of the spot to set the whole thing and thats it! 

*sugarpills darling*

so it really is that easy! its cute, daring, and all around a fun look! you can use any color and takes no time at all! so here are some of my completed looks to give you an idea of how i use it ENJOY!

*i like how my camera phone pics look way better than my pics from an actual camera!*

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SUGARPILL REVIEW!!! (my very first review)

ok so the first time i actually treated myself to great eyeshadows i orders SUGARPILL. i had been admiring the shadows for a very long time they were having a sale so i got 4 of their loose shadows in absinthe, darling, stella, and hysteric, and received a sample of goldilux i was extremely excited when they finally came in the packaging had soo much thought into it and was great!

i was very excited to try them out the colors a very pigmented and very beautiful, i usually use one at least everyday thats how much i love these shadows

hysteric- a beautiful rich purple with turquoise and green shimmer highly pigmented and amazing
absinthe- a bright grassy green with an amazing yellow undertone
darling- a sweet teal with a gorgeous turquoise burst
stella- a deep black with rainbow sparkles its like wearing the galaxy on your eyes

*my camera isnt the best especially since my 6month old kept trying to grab it haha*

be gentle this is my first time

ok so first off i hate using proper grammar...........so dont expect anything like that from me! so to start off with i figure i would add some of my pre-existing make up photos to give you a taste of my style. *note they were taken with my camera phone spur of the moment so the quality isnt the greatest* most of these looks were done with sugarpill cosmetics which i love and need more of! so here we go!


*i was six months pregnant here haha

*not me but stll i did a good job with the makeup i think haha